The 2024 Presidential Candidates’ Argument Begins with the National Anthem and Election Jingle

During the governmental dispute held on Tuesday, December 12, 2023, governmental candidate Prabowo Subianto talked about the intricate issue of handling problems in Papua. Prabowo recognized that taking care of Papua is a complicated matter with foreign disturbance and stressed the value of human legal rights (HAM) as the major issue, prioritizing the protection of the individuals.

Nonetheless, according to Ganjar Pranowo, the remedies proposed by Prabowo are not enough. Ganjar revealed his perspective that discussion is vital to unite all stakeholders to attend to the concern properly.

Ganjar’s statement during the debate was as complies with: “In my opinion, Mr. Prabowo, it doesn’t seem to be sufficient. Dialogue is something important to make sure that all parties can rest together, as it is the root of the issue. Do you concur with the discussion design I am recommending?”

In addition to his response during the dispute, Ganjar Pranowo likewise shared his experiences from his campaign trail with his running friend, Mahfud Md. They embarked on a trip from the easternmost point in Sabang to Merauke in the west, intending to listen to and observe the hopes and needs of the people.

Ganjar shared his dedication to improving all public centers, from healthcare to education and learning, based on the goals and comments got during their campaign. Ganjar pledged to execute a program of one medical care employee per town to address such challenges.

In Addition, Ganjar Pranowo stated an issue found throughout their check out to Sabang, where they located that instructors were not receiving adequate focus and support from the government. He stressed the need for raised interest and assistance around.

To conclude, Ganjar Pranowo reacted to Prabowo Subianto’s method to taking care of the Papua problem by highlighting the relevance of discussion and shared his dedication to resolving different public problems, specifically in healthcare and education and learning, based upon his project experiences.

Ganjar’s declaration throughout the dispute was as adheres to: “In my opinion, Mr. Prabowo, it doesn’t appear to be sufficient. Ganjar revealed his dedication to enhancing all public facilities, from health care to education, based on the aspirations and responses got during their project. Ganjar pledged to apply a program of one healthcare worker per village to address such obstacles.

Summing up details from different resources, the song “Picking for Indonesia” was launched by the band Cokelat on Friday, December 2, 2022. On the very same day, the KPU also introduced a new mascot for the 2024 Elections, called Sura Sulu.

The very first dispute of the 2024 Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates, hosted by the General Political Election Commission (KPU) at the KPU office on Imam Bonjol Road, Central Jakarta, began at 7:00 PM WIB on Monday, December 12, 2023. The General Election Commission of Indonesia (KPU) worked together with the band Cokelat to release the 2024 Political election jingle labelled “Choosing for Indonesia.”

Developed by Kikan Namara, the meaning of the 2024 election jingle is carefully relevant to the spirit of freedom. The song’s message highlights that political elections are a phone call to join figuring out the future direction of Indonesia.

Presidential prospect number 2 Prabowo Subianto, specified that a number of previous political prisoners (tapol) and kidnapping targets currently support him in the 20presidential political election. This case was made by Prabowo in feedback to a question from governmental prospect number Ganjar Pranowo, relating to unsolved extreme civils rights offenses during the 20presidential discussion.

“I believe that I have actually been a strong protector of human civil liberties. In fact, individuals who were apprehended, the political detainees who were supposedly abducted by me, are currently on my side, protecting me,” Prabowo said at the General Political Election Payment (KPU) building in Jakarta, on Tuesday (12/12/2023).

Is it real that a number of former political prisoners and kidnapping targets currently sustain Prabowo in the 20presidential political election? According to a post labelled “Amnesty Confused Many Kidnapping Victims of ‘Assistance Prabowo” on, there are indeed former political prisoners and kidnapping victims who now sustain Prabowo in the 20election.

Among them are Andi Arief, a politician from the Democratic Party, and Budiman Sudjatmiko, a previous politician of the PDIP event.

Usman Hamid, the Executive Supervisor of Amnesty International Indonesia, wondered about the political position of the kidnapping and required disappearance sufferers of the 19tragedy who currently support Prabowo, who was after that the Leader of the Special Forces Command (Danjen Kopassus).

Usman sees two possibilities for why the kidnapping sufferers sustain Prabowo: either they have come to be absent-minded or absence level of sensitivity to various other sufferers still missing. Wiji Thukul is also yet to be discovered,” Usman claimed at the KPU RI workplace in Central Jakarta, on Wednesday (6/12/2023).

Usman mentioned the situation of Andi Arief from the Democratic Celebration, who was a kidnapping sufferer himself now sustains Prabowo. He additionally stated Budiman Sudjatmiko, keeping in mind that although Budiman was not a victim of disappearance, his solidarity with former PRD leaders who were tortured and still missing elevates questions.

“I believe it appears also pragmatic, and possibly that’s why they signed up with, not as a result of human legal rights reasons, yet as a result of temporary political passions,” Usman described.

Amnesty International had an audience with the General Election Payment on Wednesday (6/12/2023). During this meeting, they presented 3 civils rights schedules to be included in the presidential and vice-presidential discussions for the 20election.

1Usman Hamid said that the KPU, stood for by Commissioner August Mellaz, promised to convey these 3 human legal rights programs to the argument panelists. The first agenda is associated to fixing past serious human rights infractions and protecting against future situations.

1″We suggest that the KPU make certain that the presidential and vice-presidential dispute agendas absolutely review or wonder about the vision and goal of the governmental and vice-presidential candidates regarding the resolution of severe human legal rights offenses,” Usman mentioned.

1Conclusion: Prabowo’s declaration asserting that a number of previous political prisoners and kidnapping sufferers currently support him as a governmental prospect in the 20election holds true. There are certainly former political detainees and kidnapping targets, consisting of political leaders Andi Arief from the Democratic Party and previous PDIP politician Budiman Sudjatmiko, who support Prabowo in the 20election.

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