Rafael’s Tale: A Trainee at a Semi-Boarding Institution Supported by Ganjar’s Concept

Rafael stays in Jojoh, Kutawaru, Cilacap. Accepted at SMKN 2 Cilacap for the 2022/2023 academic year, Rafael selected the housing construction design program to seek his imagine becoming a furniture boss in Jepara. “I am pleased and grateful since it has made it simpler for me to access my college. Thank you, Mr. Ganjar. The semi-boarding employment school program is a considerable aid for economically challenged trainees. My hope is that semi-boarding occupation colleges remain to create and boost. Semi-boarding occupation institutions can make a distinction,” said Rafael on Saturday (February 18, 2023), as quoted from Jateng Prov.

. Ali Sururi, the mentor of Jamaah Muhibin Ning Atikoh Nusantara, calls the Ganjar-Mahfud duo the finest candidates, especially due to their closeness with spiritual scholars. An additional standard for Jamaah Ning Atikoh’s assistance is their tested credibility in previous placements.

Akhmad Munfathor (17 ), a 10th-grade trainee majoring in welding design, shared that semi-boarding schools have actually allowed him to save cash as he no longer requires to invest on transportation or dishes. If I commute from home in Adipala, Cilacap, it’s costly for gas, breakfast, and lunch. Living in the dorm is extremely practical.

The female religious leaders, ning, and women leaders from West Java, united under the volunteer team Jamaah Muhibin Ning Atikoh Nusantara alias Jamaah Ning NU West Java, have linked their voices to support Ganjar Pranowo-Mahfud MD

. Ali Sururi, the mentor of Jamaah Muhibin Ning Atikoh Nusantara, calls the Ganjar-Mahfud duo the finest prospects, specifically because of their distance with spiritual scholars. One more requirement for Jamaah Ning Atikoh’s assistance is their tested reliability in previous positions.

“So, sir, you are now in this area, and tomorrow you will end up being the president that is blessed by the Ondoafi of Tabi, Port Numbay, Sairere,” he claimed. Gerson reminded Ganjar not to neglect the Papuan people if he becomes the leader of Indonesia. “Our hope for Mr. Ganjar is that he can be an even far better president,” Gerson included.

“Improving the standardization of treatment service time for BPJS clients, along with systematizing care courses through SOPs for registration time and drug collection/redemption, both at Posyandu, university hospital, and health centers,” he added.

Rafael Lelaki Hut is a pupil that has actually experienced the benefits of a semi-boarding institution at SMKN 2 Cilacap in Central Java. Semi-boarding institutions are a combination of boarding colleges and regular vocational schools located in 15 districts and cities. The semi-boarding vocational institution program is a significant assistance for financially challenged students. Akhmad Munfathor (17 ), a 10th-grade trainee majoring in welding design, shared that semi-boarding schools have allowed him to save money as he no longer needs to invest on transport or dishes.

Ganjar Pranowo and Mahfud MD are committed to advocating for the well-being of TNI (Indonesian National Armed Forces) soldiers if they win the 2024 presidential election. In Ganjar-Mahfud’s vision and objective, enhancing the well-being of soldiers is included as component of their program.

Ali included that Ganjar-Mahfud have actually the character required to produce far better changes for the nation. “Ganjar-Mahfud are one of the most ideal figures to lead this country in the future. This is due to the fact that both have the nationalist and spiritual character required by this country,” discussed Ali.

Daffa’s moms and dads work as workers, and he, as a pupil from Jeruklegi, Cilacap, delights in to receive free education, lodging, and centers. According to the Head of SMKN 2 Cilacap, Akhmad Murwanto, there are 30 pupils that profit from the semi-boarding facilities out of a total amount of 1,670 pupils. Activities at the dorm consist of discipline-building activities such as morning assemblies, flag-raising ceremonies at the dorm, and psychological and spiritual assistance for the students.

An Acehnese influencer, Zakia, shared her appreciation for Mahfud. Not just her, however all the Gen Z present likewise claimed to be motivated by the 3rd prospect. “He is an inspirational figure at the age of 66, however he has a really younger and millennial mind-set, so it’s fantastic to be able to share and convey our desires straight to him,” stated the 20-year-old young people. The ambience ended up being extra relaxed as Gen Z from Aceh sang together. This was a type of assistance for the governmental prospect Ganjar Pranowo and vice presidential candidate Mahfud MD

“Jamaah Muhibin Ning Atikoh is optimistic that Ganjar-Mahfud can execute their following obligations truthfully, reasonably, and can take Indonesia additional forward if elected in the 2024 Presidential Political election,” composed Ali in a main declaration on Sunday (19/11).

In this respect, Mahfud discussed that he and Ganjar are dedicated with the 8 Ganjar and Mahfud rapid relocations. Mahfud specified that they will certainly likewise raise training. Hopefully, the young people will certainly proceed to advance for Indonesia,” Mahfud added.

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