Prabowo Subianto’s Representations on Life and Commitment to Serve Indonesia

Anies acknowledged Gibran’s candidacy yet elevated worries regarding the broader situation encountered by lots of youths today. He mentioned that regardless of their concerns for the nation and marginalized communities, numerous young people are being silenced.

President of the Republic of Indonesia’s 6th term, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), has commonly been the topic of scams associated with the political elections. Such false information can result in wrong understandings.

The fact-checking team has actually investigated numerous scams surrounding SBY in connection to the 2024 political elections. Below is a compilation of these scams:

Video Clip Alleging SBY Directed Votes for Presidential Candidates Number 1 (Anies Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar): A video clip distributed on social media, If you have any queries pertaining to wherever and how to use Debat Capres Cawapres (Www.Liputan6.Com), you can get in touch with us at the web site. claiming that SBY was routing individuals to elect for presidential candidates number 1, Anies Baswedan and Muhaimin Iskandar (AMIN). The video clip showed SBY claiming, “ballot for number one” while increasing his index finger.

2. Image of SBY and AHY Resting in Front of a Banner with “Koalisi Perubahan Nasib” (Coalition for Change in Destiny) Composed on It: A photo distributed on social networks revealing SBY and Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) being in front of a banner with the words “Koalisi Perubahan Nasib.” The banner likewise had text that stated, “Looking for a governmental prospect who needs a vice-presidential candidate. Call the Union for Change in Destiny.” The blog post indicated that SBY and AHY were developing a union. Nonetheless,’s fact-checking revealed that this was incorrect.

3. Chain Message Declaring SBY Asked Jokowi to Acknowledge Loss in the Presidential Political election: A chain message that discussed SBY calling General Moeldoko to instruct Head of state Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to acknowledge loss in the governmental election distributed on social networks. The message claimed that this details came from a general.’s fact-checking discovered this case to be false.’s fact-checking campaign aims to battle false information and educate the public on media proficiency. They signed up with the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) on July 2, 2018, and are a companion of Facebook. They maintain their self-reliance in performing fact-checks.

If you know concerning hoaxes that you would like them to investigate and validate, you can contact them by means of e-mail at For faster responses, you can additionally reach their WhatsApp chatbot for fact-checking at 0811-9787-670.

Ganjar reacted to the concern, expressing his optimism in offering justice for the sufferers and their family members. In Kanjuruhan, we can satisfy with fact-finders to safeguard sufferers, fix their problems from a justice perspective, including KM5When we resolve all this, we move a step ahead. Ganjar emphasized that the government should be bold in resolving these instances to prevent past issues from dragging on and being consistently brought up in presidential arguments. Let’s reintroduce the UU KKR, so that all human rights issues can be dealt with in this means, enabling the country to advance without being held back by unresolved problems. We have to resolve them,” claimed Ganjar.

In recap, throughout the argument, Anies Baswedan promoted for greater young people engagement and highlighted the requirement for lawful reforms to safeguard the legal rights and voices of youngsters who respect the nation and marginalized communities. He emphasized that silencing the youth’s worries and bending the guidelines to prefer those in power needs to not be tolerated.

Anies discussed these 2 occasions, highlighting that justice has actually not been felt, specifically by the victims’ households.

Ganjar responded to the question, sharing his positive outlook in giving justice for the victims and their family members. He pointed out, “I assume these 2 issues have become public talk. In Kanjuruhan, we can consult with fact-finders to secure victims, solve their concerns from a justice viewpoint, consisting of KM5When we solve all this, we relocate an advance. Can we then seek legal processes and locate fair decisions? My solution is of course,” he claimed in the governmental argument on Tuesday (12/12/2023).

Ganjar highlighted that the government needs to be strong in settling these cases to avoid past concerns from dragging on and being consistently raised in presidential disputes. “The federal government should risk to not allow past issues linger and become delicate concerns due to indecisiveness. We have to quit these strategies and be bold and decisive,” Ganjar specified.

He recommended the concept of reestablishing the Fact and Settlement Payment Act (UU KKR). “Often we additionally need to think on a bigger range. Allow’s reestablish the UU KKR, to ensure that all human civil liberties problems can be resolved this way, permitting the nation to advance without being held back by unsolved concerns. We should solve them,” stated Ganjar.

Anies thought about Ganjar’s action to be incomplete, specifying that the problem is a lot more complicated. According to Anies, 4 points should be done: making sure the legal process provides justice, revealing all facts for closure, compensating victims, and ensuring such events don’t reoccur.

Anies included, “We need to not be obscure. If these four jobs are required, the initial point we may have to do is reinvestigate, examine, and ensure the safety and security of institutions.

Ganjar responded, “Relating to comprehensiveness, it’s an issue of taste and subjectivity.” He believed that mostly all factors increased by Anies were already being resolved.

“Victim security is underway, and fact-finders are in area. If we’re discussing avoiding recurrence, I believe that’s a worth we show. We’re servicing every little thing. I’m someone that’s never obscure, always crucial and simple. We don’t be reluctant, so we additionally cleared up inquiry number 2 since we’re not ones to delay or hang job for it to come to be a product. I service it,” Ganjar firmly mentioned.

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