Mahfud MD Appreciates Coffee and Conversation with Content Creators in Surabaya

Earlier, at the Library for TPN Ganjar-Mahfud, the vice presidential prospect number 3 mentioned that Indonesia really belongs to the young generation. For that reason, youngsters today must be prepared to build Indonesia and risk to become leaders of Indonesia in the future.

Additionally, GSI also consists of influencers, Instagram celebrities, and TikTokers from the millennial generation. These younger, digitally wise people prepare to support Ganjar in the 2024 Presidential Political election, showcasing his attract a broad demographic.

Among these musicians are well-known numbers such as Roy Marten, Anwar Fuadi, Doyok, Tarzan, Tessy, Kadir, Polo, Drunk Driving Yan, Lucky Perdana, and Iwa K. Their support is a testimony to Ganjar’s appeal throughout various sections of the show business.

The affirmation was enlivened by efficiencies from famous artists such as Dewi Perssik, Soimah, Sule, Srimulat, Denny Cak Nan, Kezia Caroline, Maria Calista, and Abah Lala, adding a celebratory and prominent dimension to the political endorsement.

The support from such a varied team of musicians and influencers underscores the concept that Ganjar’s appeal transcends standard political boundaries, getting to into the realms of society, art, and digital media.

Thomas Suyatno, the Chairman of the Organization of Exclusive Higher Education And Learning Establishments of Indonesia (ABPPTSI), stated that the cancellation of the BHP Law has actually had a favorable impact on personal universities (PTS).

The option of these two cities is not without definition. It is influenced by the nationwide track ‘From Sabang to Merauke’. This represents that, despite the fact that they remain in different areas, Ganjar-Mahfud essentially attach Indonesia from the westernmost to the easternmost point.

Then, the governmental and vice-presidential prospects number 3 are all set to increase the duty of organization actors and residential items in digital economic activities consisting of shopping to support the growth of local SMEs.

“Back in Gus Dur’s time, Mahfud MD was referred to as an irrepressible force, so it feels like nobody can control him already,” Khofifah claimed at the Syaihona Cholil Islamic Boarding Institution in Bangkalan on Sunday, September 25, 2023, as priced quote from

. In the vision and goal of Ganjar-Mahfud, it is detailed how this set aims to motivate SMEs to produce convenience of doing business for the people of Indonesia. This simplicity of doing company will certainly be realized by producing a company environment that supports the development of ultra-micro organizations and SMEs, as well as companies that can regularly upgrade via the plan and execution of laws.

Ganjar Pranowo’s recommendation by the Gabungan Seniman Indonesia and their affirmation of assistance is a substantial landmark in his trip in the direction of the presidential political election, demonstrating his widespread appeal and the self-confidence placed in his management by different markets of society.

The presidential and vice-presidential candidates number 3, Ganjar Pranowo and Mahfud MD, began their campaign at 2 extreme factors of Indonesia, Sabang in Aceh and Merauke in South Papua. “I will most likely to satisfy the sunup in Merauke. Mr. Mahfud will start the campaign in Sabang,” said Ganjar, priced quote from his social media account, Tuesday (28/11).

It is influenced by the nationwide song ‘From Sabang to Merauke’. This signifies that, even though they are in different locations, Ganjar-Mahfud basically attach Indonesia from the westernmost to the easternmost point.

Mahfud appreciated the substantive, informative, and engaging discussions he had with youngsters. “Since 2024 is a political election year, and we, as youths, need to really know our choices for the future of Indonesia,” he claimed.

“Last evening, I headed to a cafĂ© for some coffee and a conversation. I happened to meet some young individuals having a blast there,” Mahfud wrote in an Instagram blog post on @mohmahfudmd, Thursday, November 23. As he left the coffee bar, local residents and road vendors gathered around Mahfud. They took selfies with him, making the three-fingered motion that is a sign of unity.

The declaration by GSI was an emphasize of the “Merawat Jiwa Nusantara” (Nurturing the Spirit of the Archipelago) event, a grand gathering of Ganjar Pranowo’s volunteers that resonated with the tagline “Ganjar for All.”

“We are really hopeful that this can be a common initiative. We, as volunteers, are very certain that Mr. Ganjar is someone that concentrates on individuals’s economic climate, consisting of SMEs,” claimed Oji Fachruroji, the Regional Planner (Korda) of GUS Pandeglang, as reported by JPNN.

“As the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Protection Affairs, I have actually currently introduced the existence of 10 significant corruption cases in Papua, and this is among them.

It didn’t simply happen now,” Mahfud claimed throughout an interview at the Ministry of Political, Legal, and Safety and security Affairs office in Jakarta on Monday, September 19, 2023, as priced quote by

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