KPU Site Hacked, Millions of Voter Data available: Concerns Over the Effect on the 2024 Political elections

The public is upset by a hacking incident targeting the Indonesian General Political Election Commission (KPU). This time, an anonymous cyberpunk called Jimbo declared to have breached the KPU’s cybersecurity system and successfully taken information from thousands of countless irreversible citizen checklists (DPT) from the web site. The hacked voter data is also being marketed on the dark web, with Jimbo requesting $74,000 or around IDR 1.2 billion for the swiped information.

This breach, which is not the first one experienced by the KPU, has actually increased concerns amongst numerous celebrations, particularly considering that it happened during the ongoing preparations for the 2024 General Election (Pemilu). Past the sale of personal data, lots of are fretted that this hacking case can potentially disrupt the results of the 2024 elections.

Political expert Adi Prayitno from the State Islamic College (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah specified that the claimed hacking and information leak by hacker Jimbo need to not be taken lightly by the KPU. He stressed that the KPU requires to take instant steps to resolve this vulnerability, especially in the middle of concerns of election fraud in the 2024 elections. Prayitno worried that the KPU’s key responsibility is to make sure the protection of their site from any kind of hacking risks.

Offender Regulation expert Abdul Fickar Hadjar from Trisakti College pointed out that the hacking of the KPU’s cybersecurity system presents a major hazard to the upcoming 2024 political elections. He clarified that data leakages might potentially be made use of to manipulate election results, depending upon the rate of interests of those involved. Fickar noted that regardless of the presence of rigorous fines for hackers in Indonesia’s Digital Details and Deals Regulation (UU ITE), enforcement may not constantly deter cybercriminals.

Wakil Ketua Tim Pemenangan Nasional (TPN) Ganjar-Mahfud, Andika Perkasa, responded to the data violation case by advising the KPU to ensure the safety of the 2024 Presidential Election results. He highlighted the requirement for openness and in-depth explanations from the KPU concerning their safety measures to stop any interference through hacking.

Andika even more expressed concern that unauthorized individuals might try to disrupt the 2024 Presidential Political election using the stolen citizen information. He urged the KPU to reassure the general public and presidential candidates that the election results would be in conformity with the policies and free from interference.

In reaction to the breach, Tim CISSReC (Center for International Protection Studies and Study – Cyber Study Center) conducted an analysis of the dripped information. According to Pratama Persadha, a cybersecurity professional, Jimbo’s activities supplied access to significant individual info, consisting of NIK (National Recognition Number), KK (Household Card Number), key numbers for abroad voters, complete names, gender, day and birthplace, marital standing, complete addresses, and much more.

Tim CISSReC had likewise formerly notified the KPU concerning vulnerabilities in their system. The cyberpunk, Jimbo, asserted that he had actually accessed the KPU’s system through methods like phishing, social design, or malware.

The KPU has actually initiated an investigation into the declared data violation and is working along with the Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara (BSSN – State Cyber and Cryptographic Agency), the Directorate of Cybercrime of the Indonesian National Cops (Bareskrim Polri), the State Intelligence Company (BIN), and the Ministry of Interaction and Infotech (Kemkominfo). They aim to verify the precision of the reported hacking occurrence.

Hasyim Asy’ari, the Chairman of the KPU, validated that while the investigation is ongoing, residents can still access the 2024 Political election Citizen Checklist (DPT) at utilizing their particular Nationwide Identification Numbers (NIKs).

In addition, Pratama emphasized that the KPU needs to carry out audits and forensic assessments of their protection systems and web servers to determine the specific point of assault made use of by cyberpunks. He also suggested changing usernames and passwords for all accounts with access to the KPU system to avoid any kind of more unauthorized access.

In light of this breach, the duty lies with the KPU to make certain the security of citizen information and the stability of the 2024 elections. The event has elevated considerable problems concerning the protection of delicate citizen info and the possible effect on the electoral procedure.

Governmental prospect number three, Ganjar Pranowo, elevated concerns concerning the resolution of major civils rights violations instances with an Advertisement Hoc Civil Rights Tribunal and the look for the targets. He made these comments throughout the presidential argument for the 2024 elections held at the KPU RI office in Jakarta on Tuesday, December 12, 2023.

Initially, he provided 12 incidents including severe human rights violations. In addition, he stated that the Indonesian Parliament (DPR) had provided 4 referrals to the then-president in 2009, consisting of the facility of an Ad Hoc Civil Rights Tribunal and locating targets of forced loss.

“If you remained in that setting, would you establish a human civil liberties tribunal and adhere to the DPR’s referrals? Second question, many mommies are suffering there; can you help in discovering the whereabouts of the missing out on people so they can pay their aspects?” Ganjar asked Prabowo.

In response, Prabowo stated that the 2009 concern concerning the DPR’s recommendations had already been dealt with by Mahfud MD, Ganjar’s running mate. The Chairman of Gerindra Event felt that he had frequently replied to inquiries concerning civils rights infractions that were always linked to him.

“This problem has actually been dealt with by your vice head of state (Mahfud MD). So, what else do you want me to address? I have actually addressed it a number of times; there’s a digital record of it. I have actually answered it several times, every five years, when my ballot numbers rise, it gets asked once again,” Prabowo claimed.

“Do you know the information? You can ask the Regional Authorities Principal (Kapolda), the amount of individuals have gone missing in Jakarta this year? This year. Bodies have been found recently, and so forth, c’mon, Mr. Ganjar. I say that I highly support for human rights,” he proceeded.

Prabowo after that discussed previous political prisoners from the New Order period that now sustain him. It deserves keeping in mind that one of them, Budiman Sudjatmiko, has joined Prabowo-Gibran’s project.

“As a matter of fact, those who were when sent to prison, political detainees. They asserted I abducted them, today they are on my side, sustaining me, my dear fellow countrymen. Don’t politicize the concern of human legal rights, in my viewpoint,” Prabowo mentioned.

Unsatisfied with Prabowo’s feedback, Ganjar revealed his disappointment. He felt that Prabowo did not directly deal with the concerns he postured.

“Mr. Prabowo has incredible decisiveness, unbelievably strong. My inquiry was in fact one: if you come to be president, will you establish a human legal rights tribunal? The second concern, can you find, show, and aid the family members locate the missing out on people?

“If I might ask for, if I come to be head of state, I will certainly settle this. To ensure that in the context of the next presidential political election, this concern will certainly not resurface because the president is crucial and completes this job throughout my term,” Ganjar discussed.

Prabowo responded once more, contesting the notion that he was not company in his stance. He took into consideration Ganjar’s inquiries to be tendentious.

“I am company in upholding civils rights. The concern you asked is rather tendentious. Why are you asking me concerning the 13 missing out on persons from that time? That’s tendentious, Mr. Ganjar. Your running companion has been managing this the whole time. So if the decision is to establish an Advertisement Hoc Civil Rights Tribunal, we will do it. There’s not a problem,” he responded.

“Efforts,” Prabowo wrapped up.

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