KPU Chairman: Election Budget Plan Includes Stipulation for COVID-19 Situation

Selain itu, Ganjar Pranowo juga menyoroti ketidaksetaraan dalam akses web dan fasilitas pendidikan antara wilayah tersebut dengan Pulau Jawa. Ia menekankan pentingnya memberikan akses net gratis kepada para siswa agar mereka memiliki kesempatan yang sama dengan siswa di Pulau Jawa.

President of the Republic of Indonesia’s 6th term, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), has actually commonly been the topic of hoaxes connected to the political elections. Such misinformation can bring about incorrect assumptions.

The fact-checking group has examined a number of scams surrounding SBY in link to the 2024 elections. Here is a collection of these hoaxes:

1. Video Alleging SBY Directed Votes for Presidential Candidates Number 1 (Anies Baswedan-Muhaimin Iskandar): A video clip flowed on social media, declaring that SBY was routing people to elect governmental prospects number 1, Anies Baswedan and Muhaimin Iskandar (AMIN). The video clip revealed SBY stating, “vote for number one” while raising his index finger. The video clip also included text supporting the case.’s fact-checking located that this claim was incorrect.

The banner additionally had text that said, “Looking for a governmental candidate who requires a vice-presidential candidate. The message indicated that SBY and AHY were forming a union.’s fact-checking exposed that this was incorrect.

Chain Message Claiming SBY Asked Jokowi to Acknowledge Loss in the Presidential Political election: A chain message that pointed out SBY calling General Moeldoko to instruct Head of state Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to recognize defeat in the presidential election distributed on social media.’s fact-checking discovered this insurance claim to be false.’s fact-checking effort intends to combat misinformation and inform the general public on media proficiency. They joined the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) on July 2, 2018, and are a partner of Facebook. They maintain their freedom in performing fact-checks.

If you have details concerning scams that you would like them to investigate and verify, you can call them via email at For faster responses, you can likewise reach their WhatsApp chatbot for fact-checking at 0811-9787-670.

Presidential candidate number three, Ganjar Pranowo, questioned regarding the resolution of significant civils rights infractions situations via an Advertisement Hoc Civil Rights Tribunal and the look for the targets. He made these remarks during the presidential debate for the 2024 elections held at the KPU RI office in Jakarta on Tuesday, December 12, 2023.

He detailed 12 events entailing severe human rights infractions. Furthermore, he pointed out that the Indonesian Parliament (DPR) had issued four referrals to the then-president in 2009, including the facility of an Ad Hoc Civil Rights Tribunal and locating targets of forced disappearances.

“If you remained in that position, would you develop a civils rights tribunal and comply with the DPR’s referrals? Second question, numerous mothers are suffering there; can you help in finding the location of the missing individuals so they can pay their aspects?” Ganjar asked Prabowo.

In feedback, Prabowo stated that the 2009 concern concerning the DPR’s recommendations had already been dealt with by Mahfud MD, Ganjar’s running companion. The Chairman of Gerindra Event really felt that he had regularly reacted to inquiries about civils rights violations that were constantly linked to him.

“This issue has in fact been handled by your vice head of state (Mahfud MD). I have actually addressed it a number of times, every 5 years, when my polling numbers go up, it obtains asked once more,” Prabowo claimed.

Bodies have been found lately, and so on, c’mon, Mr. Ganjar. I claim that I highly support for human civil liberties,” he continued.

Prabowo after that stated former political prisoners from the New Order period who currently support him. It is worth noting that a person of them, Budiman Sudjatmiko, has joined Prabowo-Gibran’s project.

“Actually, those who were when imprisoned, political detainees. They claimed I abducted them, now they get on my side, sustaining me, my dear fellow countrymen. Do not politicize the issue of human civil liberties, in my viewpoint,” Prabowo remarked.

Unsatisfied with Prabowo’s feedback, Ganjar shared his frustration. He really felt that Prabowo did not directly resolve the inquiries he presented.

“Mr. Prabowo has incredible decisiveness, exceptionally strong. My question was really one: if you become head of state, will you develop a human civil liberties tribunal? The 2nd concern, can you find, reveal, and help the family members situate the missing people?

“If I may ask for, if I end up being president, I will certainly fix this. That in the context of the following governmental election, this concern will not resurface since the head of state is definitive and completes this job during my term,” Ganjar explained.

Prabowo reacted once again, contesting the concept that he was not company in his stance. He took into consideration Ganjar’s concerns to be tendentious.

“I am company in promoting human legal rights. The inquiry you asked is somewhat tendentious. If the decision is to establish an Ad Hoc Person Rights Tribunal, we will do it.

“Efforts,” Prabowo wrapped up.

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