Ganjar’s Successful Stunting Prevention Program: The Instance of Siti Rosidah

The Head of the Bonang 2 Neighborhood Health And Wellness Facility, Indah Kusumawati, added that Demak Regency has executed the “Cengkeraman Mata Elang” (CME) application, which works in line with the “Jateng Gayeng Nginceng Wong Meteng” (5 Ng) program. “Alhamdulillah, this program was very first introduced in 2017 in line with the 5 Ng program that was started by Mr. Ganjar, and it has actually gotten awards from the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform in 2020, the Ministry of Interaction and Informatics in 2022, and Bappenas in 2022,” stated Indah.

“I have 2 youngsters. My 2nd kid was birthed with stunting. During that time, I was stunned to see that my child’s weight wanted,” stated Siti in a press declaration on Tuesday (21/2/2023), as estimated from JPNN. Siti couldn’t conceal her worries and fears when giving birth to her second youngster. She really did not recognize what to do however eventually received unique assistance from the wellness staffs at the Bonang 2 Area University Hospital.

“He (Mahfud) is a distinct number. He has actually held placements of rely on 3 various organizations: the legislative (DPR), the executive (Minister of Defense), and the judiciary (Constitutional Court). And he has executed his responsibilities well,” Mahsun stated, as estimated from the Constitutional Court (MKRI).

The assistance she received had a positive influence on her. Siti obtained assistance on child care and nutrition for her 2nd child. “I enjoy as a result of the ‘Jateng Gayeng Nginceng Wong Meteng’ (5 Ng) program. I am thankful to be able to report my child’s issues,” she said. Siti thinks that Ganjar’s program has actually had the ability to reach the lower-income communities.

The organized housing alternatives in the ‘Rumah Kita’ program consist of straightforward homes, subsidized homes (rusunami), and public rental flats (rusunawa), all purposefully situated near financial facilities and public transportation.

Ganjar invited all people to take part in making sure calm political elections in 2024. He emphasized the value of unity during the five-year autonomous procedure. Ganjar claimed throughout his speech on Sunday, November 26.

“Playing the recording of Anggodo’s discussions was among Mahfud’s breakthroughs as the Principal Justice of the Constitutional Court. It showed his nerve in advancing law enforcement, particularly in corruption instances,” Mahsun described.

Presidential Candidate Number 3, Ganjar Pranowo, has been vocal about the problem of stunting. He demonstrated his dedication to addressing this problem throughout his period as the Guv of Central Java with the “Jateng Gayeng Nginceng Wong Meteng” (5 Ng) program. One recipient of this program is Siti Rosidah, a resident of Betahwalang, Bonang District, Demak Rule, whose 2nd youngster had the ability to get rid of stunting.

This housing effort is not brand-new to Ganjar Pranowo; he previously initiated a comparable program during his tenure as Governor of Central Java, called ‘Tuku Lemah Oleh Omah’ (Get Land, Obtain a Home).

During his period in Central Java, Ganjar effectively developed a corruption avoidance system by applying an anti-corruption educational program in colleges, establishing anti-corruption towns, and devoting to producing a clean government through his firm position towards civil slaves. While leading Central Java, Ganjar likewise produced anti-corruption avoidance developments using information modern technology. If you treasured this article and also you would like to collect more info pertaining to Simak Visi Misi Ganjar Mahfud Official please visit our internet site. The district of Central Java received the total champion award for anti-corruption efforts from the Corruption Eradication Payment (KPK).

According to Mahsun, Mahfud’s personality met the assumptions of a lot of Indonesians when he held settings like the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court. Mahsun stated that Mahfud played a considerable role in discovering corruption during his period as Principal Justice of the Constitutional Court. This consists of cases such as revealing the corruption involving Anggodo Widjojo with the playback of videotaped discussions and the corruption situation entailing M. Nazaruddin.

Ganjar Pranowo successfully decreased the stunting rate in Central Java via his program while working as the Governor of Central Java. Stunting is a growth disorder in youngsters triggered by an absence of proper nourishment during their growth duration.

Formerly, Ganjar attended the inauguration of thousands of members of the Regional Campaign Team (TPD) and District/City Project Group (TPK) at the MNEK Monolith in the Centre Factor of Indonesia (CPI) reclamation location in Makassar, South Sulawesi. During this event, Ganjar likewise asked for the relevance of a relaxed election spirit. He reminded every person not to ridicule others and to prepare data properly. Ganjar also urged individuals to vote sensibly and communicate the messages of their vision-mission programs efficiently, without the requirement to slam others.

Ganjar and Mahfud have carefully thought about the financial implications of the program, making sure that it will not place undue pressure on the national spending plan while accomplishing the goal of supplying decent housing.

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