Ganjar’s story unravels to the rhythm of Keroncong music, depicting him as an inspiring figure known for his distance to individuals

If the governmental political election goes to two rounds, Fuad is confident that Ganjar-Mahfud have an opportunity to win, given they can affect the electoral ballots of the governmental and vice-presidential prospects that do not breakthrough in the first round, via soft or tough campaign penetration.

The convenience for youths in beginning and establishing businesses additionally aligns with the 3rd point in the 8 Quick Actions of Ganjar and Mahfud, which is to speed up autonomous economic development based upon understanding and added worth.

Work crashes, which can happen to any person, anywhere, are a particular problem for anglers due to the fundamental dangers of their occupation. Ganjar Pranowo, as a governmental prospect, has paid special attention to this problem.

Abdul Ghofar, Secretary of the DPC of the All Indonesia Fishermen’s Organization (GNSI) in Kendal Regency, applauded Ganjar’s insurance program for fishermen. He recognized its significance in protecting those that encounter high risks mixed-up.

Deddy states that Ganjar-Mahfud will increase the organization of reasonable and lasting atmospheres. He acknowledges that ecological concerns have started to become an emphasis of different teams, particularly youths.

Ghufron’s crash occurred while angling at sea, where he wounded his hand on the watercraft’s engine, calling for health center therapy and 10 days of healthcare. The insurance coverage was crucial in his recovery and financial support.

This is shown in the survey results from the Institute for Research Study and Social Work (LPPM) of the Youthful Alumni Association of Padjadjaran College (Unpad). From the study, a total of 43.1 percent of Generation Z in Bandung Raya choose Ganjar-Mahfud, covering Bandung City, Cimahi, Bandung Rule, West Bandung, and Sumedang.

Transforming waste right into a different source of earnings for the people, a.k.a. economic true blessings (waste to money),” reads the vision and mission of Ganjar-Mahfud in the eco-friendly economic climate factor.

Ganjar shared his joy in seeing the harmony of neighborhood life in Merauke.

“Lots of people move below, the citizens here, they all blend in, their lives are great, their faces are great.

It’s a positive sight for us with all their friendliness,” Ganjar described.

According to him, Ganjar-Mahfud rank initially in the internal study because they often address the three main topics that the general public hopes for, consisting of stable prices of standard needs, task chances, and tidy, corruption-free administration. “These 3 points, Mr. Ganjar and Mr. Mahfud, have strong ratings in the middle of the 2024 presidential political election competition,” wrote Sandiaga Uno in a main declaration, Tuesday (21/11).

To conserve future generations, the representative for TPN Ganjar-Mahfud, Deddy Yevri Sitorus, clarifies the ecological programs described in their vision and objective. One of these is the renovation of sustainable environmental problems.

The study was conducted by LPPM Young Unpad Alumni from November 7-18, 2023, with 1,132 participants in Bandung Raya using multistage arbitrary sampling, a margin of mistake of 2.97 percent, and a self-confidence level of 95 percent.

One means is to develop a business environment that supports the growth of ultra-micro organizations and SMEs, along with organizations that can continually upgrade with the arrangement and implementation of laws to ensure legal assurance and area individuals at the center of company tasks.

The governmental political election is approaching, and it will be held in much less than 3 months. Fuad pointed out that all presidential and vice-presidential candidates still need to get ready for the opportunity of a 2nd round. “Good interaction amongst political elites is extremely essential for developing unions in the 2nd round,” claimed Fuad.

“It can be said that all three pairs of presidential and vice-presidential prospects have the exact same chance to win the 2024 governmental election, yet we see the possibility for a one-round triumph in Ganjar Pranowo and Mahfud MD,” said Fuad in an official statement on Wednesday (22/11).

Ganjar-Mahfud see that youths require to be provided opportunities to start and develop services to prosper. In the vision and mission record of Ganjar-Mahfud, this set is ready to carry out plans that make it less complicated for youngsters to begin services.

If elected as the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ganjar is dedicated to attending to the issues encountered by youngsters in the nation. “We speak with youngsters and their troubles, and they are extremely thinking about psychological wellness, work, gender equal rights, human legal rights,” said Ganjar as an audio speaker at the Millennial and Gen-Z Top (IMGS) in Senayan Park, Jakarta, on Friday (24/11/2023), as priced quote from Tribunnews.

The situation of Ghufron, a fisherman from Bandengan Village, Kendal Area, Kendal Regency, exemplifies the favorable impact of this insurance coverage. He received monetary aid via the Central Java Maritime and Fisheries Solution (DKP Jateng) after experiencing a work-related injury.

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