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The Political Election Commission (KPU) has begun accepting applications for the employment of members for the 2024 Election Compensation Authorities (KPPS). The registration period for KPPS for the 2024 Election is from December 11 to December 20, 2023. The results of the management selection will be introduced on December 23, 2023.

KPU member Drajat clarified that the KPU has actually developed plans concerning the age of prospective KPPS participants through KPU policies and a collection of regulations especially for the impromptu program to mitigate occurrences from the 2019 elections. “We have actually set the maximum age restriction for prospective KPPS members at 55 years,” claimed Drajat on Monday, December 11, 2023. The minimal age for possible KPPS members is 17 years, and choice is provided to younger people.

Along with age demands, Drajat mentioned that the KPU needs a health and wellness examination. “We have actually reorganized the wellness examination demands to protect against a reoccurrence of the cases from the last election,” emphasized Drajat. According to research study performed by the Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada College, the Ministry of Wellness, and IDI, Drajat proceeded, lots of people that passed away throughout the 2019 political elections largely had hidden health and wellness problems or comorbidities.

For this factor, the KPU has actually taken steps for the 2024 Political election, guaranteeing that wellness assessments are carried out. Given that health exams incur costs, Drajat discussed that government agencies need to coordinate with regional health departments to provide them free of fee. KPU has actually already teamed up with the Ministry of Wellness, so there is hope for placement inside out to minimize difficulties at the city and area degrees.

Drajat described that the employment process for KPPS will certainly make use of the Details System of KPU and Impromptu Bodies (Siakba).

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East Java Needs 844,662 KPPS Participants.

Rochani, a member of the KPU in East Java, stated that each polling terminal (TPS) calls for 7 KPPS members. In East Java, there are a total amount of 120,666 TPS distributed across 38 regencies and cities. Consequently, recruitment will be performed for 844,662 KPPS participants.

According to the laws in Article 40 of KPU Regulation No. 8 of 2022, the formation of KPPS is performed freely, taking right into account the competencies, capabilities, integrity, and freedom of possible KPPS members.

The enrollment requirements for KPPS consist of:.

1. Registration letter.

2. Duplicate of E-KTP (ages 17-55).

3. Replicate of at the very least high school diploma.

4. Statement letter in a solitary paper.

5. Physical and mental health certification.

6. Educational program vitae with a 4×6 cm passport-sized photo.

7. Certification of political party affiliation (for previous event members).

8. Stamped declaration letter.

In addition, Rochani noted a couple of particular factors. Those that offered as witnesses in the 2019 political elections are not qualified to use, as a minimum of 5 years should have passed in between the 2019 political elections and the 2024 political elections. “The 2019 elections were in April, and the 2024 political elections will certainly remain in February. It hasn’t been a full 5 years, so they can not apply,” he clarified.

Moreover, prospective candidates must give three wellness certificates: physical health, mental wellness, and a certificate suggesting they are devoid of narcotics. This is a distinction from previous elections. “For the mental health and wellness and narcotics-free certificates, a medical facility see is not essential. It can be in the type of a declaration letter,” he included.

Rochani also discussed that the gratuity for KPPS participants has actually been increased. For KPPS members, it has enhanced from Rp 850,000 to Rp 1.1 million.

Rochani hopes that the 2024 elections will certainly continue smoothly, securely, and peacefully. “That’s why we remain to mobilize the hearts of the general public and all stakeholders to collaborate to make the 2024 elections a success,” he wrapped up.

The public is upset by a hacking event targeting the Indonesian General Political Election Compensation (KPU). This time, a confidential cyberpunk called Jimbo declared to have actually breached the KPU’s cybersecurity system and efficiently taken information from hundreds of countless long-term voter lists (DPT) from the internet site. The hacked citizen data is also being provided for sale on the dark web, with Jimbo asking for $74,000 or about IDR 1.2 billion for the stolen data.

This breach, which is not the very first one experienced by the KPU, has increased issues amongst various parties, especially given that it happened throughout the recurring preparations for the 2024 General Political Election (Pemilu). Past the sale of personal information, many are fretted that this hacking case could possibly interfere with the results of the 2024 elections.

Political expert Adi Prayitno from the State Islamic University (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah stated that the supposed hacking and data leak by cyberpunk Jimbo should not be ignored by the KPU. He stressed that the KPU requires to take immediate actions to address this vulnerability, specifically among problems of political election scams in the 2024 political elections. Prayitno worried that the KPU’s main responsibility is to ensure the security of their web site from any hacking dangers.

At The Same Time, Crook Legislation professional Abdul Fickar Hadjar from Trisakti University directed out that the hacking of the KPU’s cybersecurity system presents a severe hazard to the upcoming 2024 political elections. He discussed that data leakages can potentially be made use of to control election outcomes, depending on the interests of those included. Fickar kept in mind that despite the presence of stringent charges for cyberpunks in Indonesia’s Digital Details and Transactions Regulation (UU ITE), enforcement might not always hinder cybercriminals.

Wakil Ketua Tim Pemenangan Nasional (TPN) Ganjar-Mahfud, Andika Perkasa, replied to the information breach case by prompting the KPU to make certain the safety and security of the 2024 Presidential Election results. He highlighted the need for transparency and thorough descriptions from the KPU concerning their safety and security determines to prevent any kind of interference with hacking.

Andika even more revealed problem that unapproved people may try to interrupt the 2024 Presidential Political election using the stolen citizen data. He urged the KPU to comfort the general public and presidential prospects that the political election results would be in conformity with the regulations and free from interference.

In action to the breach, Tim CISSReC (Facility for International Security Researches and Research – Cyber Proving ground) conducted an evaluation of the dripped information. According to Pratama Persadha, a cybersecurity expert, Jimbo’s activities gave accessibility to significant personal information, consisting of NIK (National Recognition Number), KK (Family Members Card Number), key numbers for overseas citizens, full names, sex, date and birthplace, marital standing, full addresses, and much more.

Tim CISSReC had likewise previously alerted the KPU concerning vulnerabilities in their system. The hacker, Jimbo, asserted that he had actually accessed the KPU’s system through methods like phishing, social design, or malware.

The KPU has actually launched an investigation into the declared information breach and is working alongside the Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara (BSSN – State Cyber and Cryptographic Firm), If you have any kind of inquiries concerning where and how you can use Gibran Rakabuming (, you could call us at the web-page. the Directorate of Cybercrime of the Indonesian National Cops (Bareskrim Polri), the State Knowledge Firm (CONTAINER), and the Ministry of Interaction and Details Modern Technology (Kemkominfo). They aim to confirm the accuracy of the reported hacking event.

Hasyim Asy’ari, the Chairman of the KPU, verified that while the examination is recurring, citizens can still access the 2024 Election Citizen List (DPT) at using their corresponding National Identification Numbers (NIKs).

In addition, Pratama emphasized that the KPU ought to carry out audits and forensic examinations of their protection systems and web servers to recognize the precise point of assault used by hackers. He likewise recommended altering usernames and passwords for all accounts with accessibility to the KPU system to stop any additional unapproved accessibility.

Taking into account this breach, the obligation exists with the KPU to make certain the security of citizen information and the honesty of the 2024 political elections. The case has actually increased considerable issues about the security of sensitive citizen info and the possible influence on the electoral procedure.

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